Beschlüsse der 5. Europa-Tagung vom 30. September bis 1. Oktober 2011 in Trencin - Slowakei


5th. EUROPEAN MEETING – September 30 and October 01, 2011
Trencin Castle - Trencin - Slovakia
The 5th. Meeting of the European Network of Places of Peace was held on 30 September and 1 October 2011, in the city of Trencin, Slovakia at the invitation of the city official representative of the Network, Ms. Janka Fabová this city and under the support of the Self-Governing of Trencin Region, chaired by Dr. Pavol Sedlácek.
The meeting was staged at the historic Castle of Trencin, where was signed the Treaty of Trencin on 24 August 1335.
The 5th. Meeting of European Network of Places of Peace was attended by the following organizations and persons:

  • 127 Scholl Ivan Denkoglu (Bulgaria), represented by Mr. Tzvetan Kostov
  • Altranstraedt Castle Promotion Association (Germany), represented by Mr.Wolfgand Heinichen and Ms.Almuth Heinichen
  • City of Sofia/Sedrets District, represented by the Mayor, Ms. Margarita Guteva,Mr. Boyan Hitrov and Ms. Jenny Guteva
  • City of Trencin (Slovakia), represented by Ms. Janka Fabová
  • City of Vasvar (Hungary), represented by Prof. Dr. Tóth Ferenc and DrZagorhidi Czigány Balázs
  • Committee 4 and 5 May Wageningen, rerpresented by Mr. Ed Dumrese
  • Evoramonte Castle Friendship Association (Portugal), represented by Mr.Eduardo Basso and Ms. Leonor Correia.
  • Hubertusburg Castle Friendship Association (Germany), represented by Mr. UlfMüller and Mr. Wolfgang   Trommer
  • Mr. Jerzy Zylinski (Poland), as Associated Member of ENPP
  • Ms. Apolonia Rodrigues (Portugal), Technical Coordinator of ENPP

In his Welcoming Intervention , Dr. Pavol Sedlácek , President of the Self-Governing of Trencin Region stressed their support for the project of the European Network of Places of Peace and their delight for the city of Trencin have been chosen to carry out the his 5th. Meeting.
The 5th Meeting reviewed the major steps taken in recent years and concluded that the European Network of Places of Peace is now a consolidated project in Europe with members and associate members in 12 European countries, 5 European meetings held in just over 2 years, with the ownership of the trademark "Places of Peace" already registered in all the 27 EU countries and with the warm reception that the project has had from institutions and important personalities in Europe.
The 5th. Meeting highlighted the recent accessions of the city of Zadar (Croatia ) and the Foundation Culture of Peace, Madrid (Spain) and the presence at the meeting, as an 5th. European Meeting of ENPP - Conclusions 2 observer, of one delegation from the city of Vasvar (Hungary) as well as the recent meeting in Madrid with the Executive Director of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).
Despite these advances the 5th. Meeting stressed the importance to continue working in the following directions:

  • 1. Enlargement of the network, especially in countries such as Poland, France, Czech Republic and Sweden where there are many potential members of the Network as well as to materialize the recent contacts with cities in Estonia and Serbia.
  • 2. Celebrations of peace treaties by the network members, with special attention to the Celebration of 250 Years of the Hubertusburg Treaty scheduled for February 2013 in Wermsdorf (Germany ).
  • 3. Joint commemoration of Poppy Day on November 11 and the International Day of Peace on September 21.
  • 4. Growth of the visibility of the Network:
    4.1 – Update of the official website of the network ( ) with more information about the members. All the members must send information about its place, activities and peace treaty to post on the website until next December 2011.
    4.2 – Edition and dissemination of a monthly ENPP Newsletter.
    4.3 - Greater spread of activities of the Network with the Social Communication of each country through as well as a greater and more effective presence in social networks.
  • 5. Brief establishment of ENPP Ambassadors network composed by personalities from various European countries identified with the principles and mission of ENPP. All members shall prepare and send until de next Meeting of ENPP (May 2012) the list of persons in his country (or others) who want to be part of this network of ambassadors, with a little description of their public activity and a justification for their inclusion.
  • 6. The Network must give special attention was to carry out activities aimed at young students. In this field must be taken into account the experience of Hubertusburg Youth Peace Awards organized by our partner, Hubertusburg Castle Friendship Association.
  • 7. Implementation of the European Peace Route, objective embedded in the Statutes of ENPP. The European Meeting highlighted the decision to submit an application to the European Cultural Routes program regarding the creation of the European Peace Route

Next year, will be held two meetings of the Network (in May and September), at locations to be announced shortly.

Trencin (Slovakia), 30 September and 1 October 2011